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Letters To strange People

Welcome...To My Realm
If it stayed I'd never leave

    Greetings, I am Eumenides!  You can call me "Eum".  My poetry, and favorite quotes, and rants are here for your pleasure.  Add your own if you want, and that includes rants.  The marquee changes with every update, I put in lyrics from whatever song is on my mind at the time.

Eumenides (n):  Also known as the Erinyes, and the Furies.  Spirits of Hades that punished people for their crimes on Earth.  Eumenides is literally Greek for "the kindly ones", revealing the odd Greek habit of calling unpleasant things by pleasant names.  Did I mention they were all female?  Well, that's what the Greek thought...

Zophar looks to you and whispers "The secret page is in an empty tomb."
"I am a man dammit!"

These are the main features:

Rants - No doubt the most updated page.  My opinions, humor and insane ranting here.   Also my general skepticism, including pieces from the skeptical newsletter.  I am a skeptic.  Includes "Rated" articles.

Quotes - Quotes from books and famous people to inspire and make you think.  Great words of wisdom and philosophy reside here.

Poetry - Poems by famous authors and young upstarts alike!  Even poetry by me.  You can submit your own poems.  Some by famous authors, Edgar Allan Poe, E. E. Cummings, and Robert Frost.

Art Gallery - Art from famous fantasy artists, video game art, and fan art.

Letters To Strange People - Write a letter to the barbarian Garadun or to the great wizard Panajian.

Add to this site!   Send me your favorite quotes, poems, or even your own rant!  This site depends on new material to keep you coming back, so why not put in your own input?

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This is a great song by a great artist.

"I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to lie, so this is goodbye."


01/27/01  America elected a moron for president.  Gas prices are through the roof.  MTV doesn't even show music videos.  I updated.  The apocalypse is coming.  What's the word around here?  Find out.  Turns out my guestbook has not been working for, well, a really long time.  I should do something about that.  Added more Poetry from Skittle.  Maybe she will finally stop bugging me.  A new section on the poetry page for xyevire.  My profile and FAQ have changed a bit, since I have too.


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5798have entered the Realm since February 10th 2000.

Meet Tina, the troubled teen!  She is crashing at my place for awhile.  Some people take in a baby dragon, or adopt a Chocobo, but not me, I have to be different.

Tina the Troubled Teen

Free Speech Baby!

I'm always updating
This site is
was always being updated.  Usually weekly, but officially it's when ever the hell I feel like it.